IPATHY – The Worlds Greatest Movie – Part 1

Photo by Jon Flobrant

You won’t find it on IMDB, but the title of the world’s greatest film belongs to the movie Ipathy. The term Ipathy describes how the movie ends, but let’s begin with the credits.

The film features God, the world’s most celebrated artist. He is producer, writer, director and like Eddie Murphy, he plays every single character in the movie.

Not only is God the world’s most celebrated artist, but due to omnipresence, he is also the world’s greatest audience. Naturally, this makes him a great lover of the movies.

The movie Ipathy begins with God watching the end of his last film that featured the dinosaurs. While sitting in contemplation, God decides to make another movie, but this time, he will outdo even himself and make the world’s best movie.

To be the greatest movie of all time, God pulls out all the stops. The best movie of all time has to have the best talent. Naturally, he casts himself. After all, he’s the most celebrated artist of all time.

As the worlds most celebrated screenwriter, he writes a self-evolving script, one that writes itself in such a way it keeps the audience entertained and on the edge of their seats. A movie that never gets old and changes in both familiar and unfamiliar ways.

The greatest films are entertaining, and since imperfection is what makes for a good story, God sprinkles enough imperfection throughout Ipathy to make it interesting. There is a reason why everyone loves a good drama.

As the worlds greatest producer he is well connected with deep pockets and the only one capable of producing a movie that can run for infinity.

However, unknown to most of the cast, the movie does have a fulfilling ending but a mind-bending twist. Hidden in plain sight is a beautiful but obvious secret called Ipathy, that gives power to the cast to bring the movie to an end.

As the worlds most celebrated director, God takes the script and brings it to life. Ipathy is so masterly directed you often forget you are watching a movie.

Ipathy features the best performances because the actors forget they are acting and the audience is so deeply engrossed they think it’s real.

Just like the best movies of all time, Ipathy stays with us because it moves our emotions; it makes us cry, laugh and more importantly, it makes us think about certain details that stick long after a scene is over.

Ipathy the world’s greatest movie has held the #1 spot at the worldwide box office for close to 5 billion years. It’s a massive production, currently with a cast of 7.5 billion people with room for more.

It’s a movie within a movie that features all the movie genres. A movie which everyone is a star of their own film and all 7.5 billion characters brilliantly played by one individual; the many parts of God.

Different parts yes, but still a part of the main.

Great artists make great sacrifices, and for great creator the sacrifice was memory. For Ipathy to be the greatest movie of all time, the performances have to be as authentic as possible.

And so at the start of production, when God yells action, he makes the entire cast forget their true identity.