What is Wrong With This World

It’s the original riches to rags story that hardly anyone ever talks about, but if we pay attention, it is the story that could save us all.

There was a time all of life was beautiful, and Lucifer had it all. His name which means “Light Bearer,” Lucifer was once an archangel, which means he was the highest ranking angel and the third highest being in heaven.

He is described in the old testament as being full of wisdom, perfect beauty and covered in the richness and splendor of precious stones and gold. Lucifer had it all then fell victim to pride and then lost it all.

I think we have collectively forgotten that pride is the original sin and everything it touches turns to shit.

Pride plays for keeps and has no favorites. It does its damage without care for rank or status. If angels aren’t immune, who are we mere mortals? Left unattended pride will mutate a beautiful baby boy into a grown-up who commits crimes against humanity.

Pride is what’s wrong with this world. It’s what’s wrong when family, friends, couples and business relationships fail. I believe if everyone especially those in a position of power guarded themselves against pride, virtually all the world’s problems would vanish overnight.

When you get infected with pride, you get “full of yourself,” and it becomes all about you. It becomes all about you and your moral judgments of what you think is right or wrong, good or bad with no room for anyone or anything else.

We suffer from pride when all we see is black and white or say “it’s my way or the highway,” even if that highway brings unnecessary pain and suffering. Pride makes us stick to our guns regardless of the consequences.

It is pride which makes us claim privilege and seek recognition. And pride which makes us demand special treatment for either the good we have done or for the bad that’s been done unto us.

When Lucifer got tossed out of heaven, he decided his legacy was to infect us all with the same disease that took him down. Thus, to be human is to have a running battle with pride.

No one is immune from the Pope to the infant child. The disease took hold the day the serpent tricked Adam and Eve to eat from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”  Now all of mankind is prone to judging things as right or wrong.

In the spiritual world, doing things above your pay grade gets you kicked out from both Heaven and Eden. Judging should be left only to the creator and violating that can lead us to hell. Here on earth, this hell manifests itself as all the conflict we see in the world. We are fast becoming a world of me vs. you or us vs. them.

There is a part of us that is fueled by pride and some in the east call it the ego and it will lie, steal and cheat just to hold on to righteousness.  The ego will not apologize because it’s never wrong. Instead, pride makes us demand a reward for our good, and punishment for the bad others have done.

The great deception is that pride has tricked us into believing that all there is to life is “good and evil” or “I am right and you are wrong.”

Alas, it’s our collective righteousness that is hurting this world, and the antidote is humility, which we need now more than ever.